New to Conquest?

How is the convention organised?

Each day of the convention is divided into four blocks of three hours starting at 9.00am, 12:30am, 4.00pm and 7:30pm.

Each session is scheduled to run for two and a half hours from the start of that block, leaving either half an hour or a full hour between playing sessions to get from one game to the next, get something to eat/drink, or just socialise and catch your breath.


For legal/insurance purposes you need to register with Conquest in order to participate in any capacity. If you are playing in a timetabled game you must confirm your registration with each game/event organiser before the game/event is scheduled to commence. If you do not, the organiser may fill your place with someone else in order to be able to run it.

Please be aware that there is a chance you could miss out on a game or event due to a game/event being already filled, or being cancelled. every effort will be made to book you into every game/event you wish to participate in. if you miss out on a game/s or event/s that you have registered and paid for, you can talk to us and we will find you a spot in another suitable game.

Online Pre-Registration

Why Pre-register?

Attendees can pre-register for the convention and sign up for events they want to join. Pre-registering like this allows players the best chance to get into the events they wish to be part of at the times they want to play; it allows event organisers to see how much demand there will be for their event; it allows the conorgs a chance to plan for how much space will be required.

Please note that pre-registration does not necessarily guarantee entry into particular events – although every effort is made to enter you into the events you would like to play, events are sometimes cancelled, or over or under booked such that they cannot run.